How VDR provides an encrypted environment for storing confidential business information?

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Companies often face the challenge of providing data privacy. A separate issue is the organization’s circulation of data with a high degree of secrecy. This article will explain the benefits of using a data room as an encrypted environment for storing business-critical data.

The data room software – a new way to store sensitive information

The use of information in digital form has become an integral part of any organization, regardless of its size. Storing data on electronic media is quite convenient, as it is easily structured compared to information on paper. But, even though working with information is becoming more accessible, other problems are associated with its storage. The main problem is the possibility of losing data, especially that of some value. Until some time, this problem was not given due attention, and the best protection against the loss of information was the restriction of physical access to its carrier. However, the rapid development of technology and the growing dependence of business on IT force companies to approach information security issues more carefully and thoughtfully.

Therefore, today all these operations can be done more efficiently. The solution is a virtual data room (VDR) designed for efficient and secure business cooperation. This digital platform offers different levels of document control. This well-protected data repository and collaboration environment allow multiple users to access files from anywhere. They can usually store there without size restrictions and share them internally or across company boundaries.

You can often find individuals and companies involved in e-discovery, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and VC (venture capital) using VDRs to keep all of their data and files in one place for viewing, archiving, and legal interests. Some people also call it the “bargain room.” In addition, data rooms are also commonly used by board members of large companies to collaborate in a secure environment. All this does not usually happen on the same network since the parties belong to different companies.

What keeps your data secure in a VDR?

The online data room can be described as a kind of extranet, i.e., it is not publicly accessible and does not only work like an intranet within your own company. The company-relevant data is regularly not uploaded all at once in the data room. Instead, information is uploaded at certain intervals, so the prospective buyer can ask questions and request further documents. It often makes sense for the seller to implement the data room before contacting the prospective buyer.

When choosing a provider, companies should ensure that they have a comprehensive security concept. According to, the security of the VDR is top-notch, given that the vendor provides military-grade data encryption methods. So it enables the integrity and additional security of sensitive numbers from the germ only when the end of the process is pleasant. In addition, the area administrator can control the access levels of those users and monitor their actions. So, in general, the VDR’s primary function can be summarized in the following statements:

  • All accesses are limited in time and are logged completely and audit-proof.
  • Rights-based encryption at the file level ensures that only authorized persons can access data.
  • The personal computing approach protects data while being stored and during transmission and processing in the cloud.
  • In five easy steps, you can create a data room where your employees can work together securely and efficiently.
  • A multi-level security system with double firewall systems and physical separation of application and data servers ensures maximum security and optimal protection against attacks by third parties.
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